My mood is you, Cole (Freddy)

Freddy Cole

Je suis moi, je ne suis pas mon frère”. immense pianiste, immense chanteur, jazzman de référence pour les amoureux. Freddy Cole, frère de Nat King Cole, “artiste Steinway”.

Le Freddy Cole Quartet avec Curtis Boyd à la batterie, Elias Bailey à la contrebasse et Randy Napoleon, grandiose Randy, à la guitare en 2013.

My mood is you, et paroles

My mood is you, by Freddy Cole


The strangest feeling is all around me
A feeling I can’t begin to explain
A kind of ecstasy
A kind of misery
A kind of symphony of sweetness and pain

My mirror tells me
That I’m a stranger
Someone I really don’t know at all
But I know the mood I’m in
And if I lose, I win
But I have never had a lover before

And now I’m high
And now I’m low
And now I’m blue
And now I glow

The days are too long
The nights too sweet
It all depends on when we meet

Take my hand, and I’ll go mad
and turn away, and I grow sad

I’m in love, what can I do?
My mood is you

Now I laugh and now I cry
You clipped my wing and made me fly
You entered the room and stopped my heart
And when you leave, I come apart
Hold me close, I’m overjoyed
And let me go, then I’m destroyed

I’m in love, what can I do?
My mood is you

Dans un bon jour, j’en donne deux autres :

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